UPC Children

The UPC Children’s program seeks to raise and train children who:

-Love the Lord and love others as they love themselves

-Read and memorize Bible verses and practice its principles


For more information, contact: Esther Chung at esther@upcla.org

When We Meet

Sundays 9:30am over Zoom

Join us for a great time of interactive Bible learning in our children’s church for toddlers to 6th grade.

Events Include:

Friday Night Family Study, Vacation Bible School, Christmas and Easter performance

Help Yemen


The suffering people in Yemen are going through is considered the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, and the Covid-19 pandemic has made it even worse.

Trotting The Globe

On Zoom

The goal of this program is to immerse children with different cultures from all around the world!

Highlights of 2020: VBS

Throughout the week of August 3, we invited children to learn about the story of a man who God chose, called, equipped, and raised to be an amazing leader and an obedient servant to God. He had a close call with death from the moment he was born; he was called by God at the burning bush; God equipped him to do His wonders and force Pharaoh to let the people of Israel go; God used him to part the Red Sea; he received the Ten Commandments from the Lord in order to build the foundation for his nation.

Thus, by looking at his life, we can see that he lived purposefully for God, and we can also learn to trust Him with our lives. Not only did the children learn about Moses but also they weaved a basket, planted seeds, participated in Passover meal, learned new praises, and memorized the Ten Commandments.
It was a fun week!

Weekly Devotional Corner

We follow the daily devotional schedule organized by Duranno’s Living Life. You can always find each week’s reflective questions. Link to Devotional

Reading List

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, recommended time for digital media use for children 2 to 5 years old is no more than 1 hour per day while for children 6-10 years old is up to 1 to 1.5 hours per day. However, now that almost everyone is taking online classes due to Covid-19, encouraging our children to read good books seems much more important these days than any time before. Parents can also utilize this time to read alongside the children. See Reading List




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