University Presbyterian Church is about sharing the purpose, peace and acceptance we’ve found in Christ with UCLA and the surrounding Los Angeles community. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or family, there’s a place for you here with us as we grow together in the love of God.


Pastor Soon and Esther started University Presbyterian Church as a church plant of the Presbyterian Church (USA) in May 1991 for the UCLA campus with a small number of people. Over the years, as we have ministered to UCLA, we have grown to reach out to young adults and families in West LA. Today, the church is an intergenerational community of undergrads, graduates, alumni, staff, singles, and families.


We hope that you can find the right community in UPC. Read what former and current members say about the church:

Our time in LA and at UPC has been a true blessing. Even though we found UPC just by typing “christian church at UCLA” in Google, we believe that there aren’t random events in our lives and feel that with this new journey God had a great plan for us. Our daughter Hanna was born soon after our arrival and UPC was the greatest, most supportive community we could ever wish for. We are thankful to UPC for welcoming us to a community where we feel home and where every event, sermon, discussion, etc. shows us the love of God and helps us to grow in Him. Alpár & Tímea Mészáros

Starting college, I was not prepared for how isolating college can be at times. Often, I was unsure about where I fit in at a big school and what God had in store for my future career. Through UPC, I felt God’s unconditional love through people who encouraged me both by prayer and deeds. At times when I doubted my own ability to jump hurdles, those at UPC genuinely cared for me, so I could stay confident that I can do all things through Him who gives me strength. My trust and service for God grew with this confidence that UPC helped me realize. Praise God for this community! Yoon

My first year in grad school was really hard for me. International students, on top of their studies, need to deal with cultural differences, language barriers, and sometimes loneliness. I will always remember when I walked out of LAX, I felt the whole world was only God and me. No friends, no family… God was the only thing I had. But God led me to UPC and I experienced unconditional acceptance and saw Christ’s love in this church. During the past two years, I went snowboarding, attended a retreat with the church, and served in different ministries which I never thought I would do before I came. Most importantly, I made a lot of friends and my English improved! Praise the Lord for His faithfulness. David Tu

Core Values

Our purpose is to bring people in, build people up, and to further the Kingdom of God at UCLA and the West LA community.

We carry out our vision through our core values of biblical teaching, practicing spiritual disciplines and the ministry of the Holy Spirit, engaging in relationship building, personal ministry, and reaching out.

What does this look like in our everyday lives?
Biblical teaching – As our minds are renewed through Biblical and relevant teaching and study of the Word, we are able to discern, obey, and practice God’s instruction in our daily lives.

Spiritual Disciplines – Our personal relationship with God grows through our commitment to reading the Bible, prayer, and practicing other faith-building disciplines.

Holy Spirit Ministry – We rely on the Holy Spirit to do His work and ministry in every aspect of our lives.

Relationship Building – As we build deep relationships and serve one another, Christ is made real among us as a community of believers.  

Personal Ministry – Our faith grows as we learn to minister and serve using our gifts, putting our faith to action and caring for those most in need: the poor, alienated, and oppressed.

Reaching Out – We live in a way that exemplifies the love of Jesus to the world, sharing the truth, forgiveness, and healing of Christ that we have received.

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