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Current Sermon Series

During Lent, we will embark on a journey to reflect on the profound love of God manifested through Jesus on the cross – His triumph over death, sin, and Satan through His resurrection, offering eternal life to all.

In response to this sacrificial love, we’re launching a program titled “Three for Eternity.” We encourage each member to identify at least three individuals whom they feel led to intercede for, invest in, and invite to know the Lord. Our sermon series and small group studies are thoughtfully designed to assist you in leading people to Christ.

We invite you to join us as a church in this collective effort, eager to witness the transformative power of God in leading these individuals to come to the Lord.

Previous Sermons

Who is the Holy Spirit: (01/21/24)

Longing for Revival by James Choung: (01/14/24)

Prayer of Jabez: (01/07/24)

Advent 2023: (12/03/23 – 12/24/23) 

Practical Christian Living: (10/01/23-11/26/23)

Season of Prayer: (08/20/23-09/24/23)

Nehemiah: (02/05/23-04/23/23)

Transformation: (04/30/23-05/28/23)

Encountering Jesus through Matthew’s Gospel: (05/22/22-01/08/23)

Encountering the Holy Spirit: (02/06/22-05/15/22)

Staying Faithful: (08/01/21-09/19/21)

The Church God Wants Us to Be: (09/26/21-12/26/21)

The Joshua Generation: Journeying into Promise (04/18/21-07/25/21)

Healed and Made Whole – 40 Day Fast 2021 (02/14/21-04/11/21)

Practicing Community During Covid & Beyond (01/10/21-02/07/21)

Advent Sermon Series (11/29/20-12/24/20)

Living the Christian Life (08/23/20-11/22/20)

Knowing and Living Jesus (2/16/20-08/16/20)

God’s Voice in Covid-19 (4/26/20-5/10/20)

UPC Winter Retreat (2/7/20-2/9/20)

End of the Year & New Year’s Sermons (12/29/19-2/2/19)

Christmas Sunday (12/22/19)

Pathways to Living Daily in God’s Presence (10/27/19-12/15/19)

Book of Ephesians Series (7/21/19-10/20/19)

Book of Acts Series (9/30/18-7/14/19)

7 Realities of Experiencing God (3/10/19-4/21/19)

The Gifts of Christmas (12/9/18-12/16/18)

Journey Together Series (9/16/18-9/23/18)

Walking in the Favor of God Series (4/22/18 – 9/9/18)

Experiencing God Series (3/18/18 – 4/1/18)