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Charming, awkward, hilarious, relevant … these youth skits bring home the joyous message of Jesus’ birth in a way that touches the heart. Videos and scripts are available for your use!

XMAS 2019 – YG B2G

It’s time for the annual Christmas Youth skit! But are any of the youth even interested in participating?

XMAS 2018 – Youth Group Prepares for College

Youth Group Seniors fight over their plans for the future at the Annual Christmas Party

XMAS 2017 – Gabriel’s Trip to Earth

Angel Gabriel visits a Christmas Party on Earth. She is in for a rude awakening

XMAS 2016 – When the Clock Strikes 0 A.D.

The Angels rejoice at Mary’s birth

XMAS 2015 – Jesus is My Treasure

Miracles at a Youth Christmas Party

XMAS 2014 – The Greatest Gift

The Christmas Presents argue about who’s the GREATEST GIFT EVER

XMAS 2013 – The Christmas Carols of 2013

The Christmas Ghosts visit the youth



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