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11am Service

Nora Sterry Elementary

1730 Corinth Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90025

Prayer Meetings

Morning Prayer: Tue – Fri 6-7am

Evening Prayer: Sun 7:30-9:30pm

Ministry Center Suite 235

Bible Studies

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Upcoming Events

40 Day Fast (March 11 - April 19)

The 40 Day Fast is a UPC tradition where we spend 40 days in fasting and prayer to seek the Lord, laying our wills and desires down and humbling ourselves before God. Fasting is abstaining from food, drink, sleep or certain habits to focus on a period of spiritual growth. As we fast, we reflect on Jesus’ death and resurrection, and we end the fast on Good Friday.

During the fast we will go through “The Seven Realities of Experiencing God” study as a church as a way to learn how to hear and follow God’s voice. Books are available for purchase on Sundays for $5.

Join us on a journey of experiencing God during the season of Lent, starting March 11 until April 19. Email us at to sign-up for the fast and for more info!

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