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UPC’s original character, Bible Ninja Warrior, trains church members to become Bible Ninja Warriors who know the truth and fight evil. The training takes the form of a Bible reading program where church members are assigned weekly passages to read, quizzed every Sunday on the passages and the event ends with a Bible Ninja Warrior Competition. In this final competition, contestants are quizzed on the book of the Bible that they studied and prizes are given to winners. Each week of the program, the Bible Ninja Warrior encourages the church to read the Bible through skits (live performances and pre-recorded videos). We have made videos available here for your viewing pleasure.

A Look Into the Past

Bible Ninja Warrior Master Shironin recounts many moons ago the lessons in the book of John

Ninjademus Encounters Jesus at Night

An exclusive look at a John Exclusive: Ninjademus meets Jesus

Social Distancing Tips

Bible Ninja Warrior Master Shironin reviews some safety tips for these trying times

Jesus Walks on Water

What did Jesus’ disciples do amidst the storm in their life?

Lazarus Sees the Light (Tangled Parody)

Bible Ninja Warrior Master Shironin recounts the story of Jesus, Mary, Martha, and Lazarus

Background instrumental by Sam Yung

Easter Quarantine

Bible Ninja Warrior Master Shironin stars in the upcoming movie: Easter Quarantine

Battling Laziness (Part 1)

Bible Ninja Warrior Master Shironin plays Fruit Ninja! But at what cost…

Lazy Ninja Warrior VS Bible Ninja Warrior

Bible Ninja Warrior Master Shironin is trapped inside his own cell phone! How will he get out of this one?

The First Quiz Question

Season 1: Genesis – Week 3

Abram, Sarai, and Hagar

Season 1: Genesis – Week 4

Father’s Day Abraham

Season 1: Genesis – Week 5

Ninja Trio

Season 1: Genesis – Week 6

UPC Rattled

Season 1: Genesis – Week 7

A New Dimension

Season 1: Genesis – Week 8

Chasing the Light

Season 1: Genesis – Week 9



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