University Presbyterian Church is ultimately about influencing lives for Christ

University Presbyterian Church began as a church plant of the Presbyterian Church of the USA in May 1991 for the UCLA campus. Originally we began with a small number of people, but have transformed into an intergenerational university community that seeks to influence the lives of the undergraduates, graduate students, alumni, staff and faculty at UCLA.

A person who influences is someone whose behavior and attitudes are being transformed into the likeness of Christ. When God works to change us, we can be people who can go forth bringing the message of Christ to all nations.

As a reflection of God's love and mercy, we commit ourselves to:
  • Sharing the gospel with others
  • Nurturing and equipping one another for a lifetime of ministry
  • Renewing and celebrating our relationship with Christ through worship and prayer
  • Furthering His Kingdom, beginning from UCLA and moving outward to the ends of the earth.

We encourage our members to grow in these areas:
  • Understanding and knowing God's Word, and applying it to our lives
  • Developing healthy, accountable relationships within the community
  • Appreciating and exercising our spiritual gifts to impact lives


We hope that you can find the right community in UPC. See what other members and alumni say.
I went to UPC as an undergrad at UCLA. Out of all the organizations I came into contact while at UCLA, the people at UPC are the few that I still interact with. From one-on-one mentoring to incredible worship to a pastor, staff and members that treat you like family, God through UPC has truly transformed me and is now transforming others through me.
Barry Witt
I was here in Los Angeles five years ago and just after the retreat I was baptized at the age of 37. To recap, without warning I was diagnosed with pemphigus, a type of auto-immune disease. Nothing in life mattered because I knew that I could die at any time, then or in many years. For 30 years I thought that I could manage my life by myself using my power and will...Had I not come to LA, met the Holy Spirit, and been baptized I may have returned to Korea to be depressed, drink, and ruin my life. Thank you God, to Pastor Soon, and to UPC.
Byung-Joo Lee

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