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Matthew Reflection Title
Matthew 15:1-20 What Makes Us Clean?
Matthew 15:21-28 The Mother’s Heart
Matthew 15:29-39 Do you want to experience God’s miracle?
Matthew 16:1-11 A Clear Sign from God
Matthew 16:13-28 From the Top to the Bottom
Matthew 17:1-13 God of Wonders and Encouragement
Matthew 17:14-27 Authentic faith
Matthew 18:1-14 Unpretentious discipleship
Matthew 18:15–35 Forgiveness & Confrontation
Matthew 19:1-15 It wasn’t supposed to be like this in the beginning!
Matthew 19:16-30 Perfect scores
Matthew 20:1-16 Our business, God’s business
Matthew 20:20-28 From Me-Oriented to You-Oriented
Matthew 20:29-34 What Is It That You Want?
Matthew 21:1-11 The King Who Rode the Donkey
Matthew 21:18-22 A Cursed Fig Tree
Matthew 22:1-14 For few are chosen
Matthew 22:15-21 the Tax Trap
Matthew 22:23-33 pondering about eternity
Matthew 22:34-44 The other commandment
Matthew 23 Do what I say but not what I do
Matthew 24:1-35 What is to Come
Matthew 24:36-51 Only God Knows
Matthew 25 How Do We Get Ourselves Ready for Jesus’ Second Coming?
Matthew 26:31-46, 74-75 What God Wants for Us
Matthew 27:1-10, 55-56 What Comes After Failure
Matthew 27:38-44, 28:16-20 The Accuser and the Accused
Mark Reflection Title
Mark 1 Mark’s blog (err…I mean Gospel)
Mark 2 what He said yo
Mark 3 Only intellectual assent?
Mark 4:1-20 The Parables and Their Hidden Meanings
Mark 4:21-34 The Growth of God’s Kingdom
Mark 4:35-5:20 Caring For Each Other
Mark 5:21-43 Your Faith Has Healed You
Mark 6 the Perks, Problems and Price of discipleship
Mark 7:1-30 What’s in the Heart
Mark 7:31–Mark 8:13 Compassion … and amnesia
Mark 8:14-30 Another pair of ideas!
Mark 8:31-Mark 9:1 Somebody save me!r
Mark 9:2-13 Listen to Him!
Mark 9:14-32 Help My Unbelief!
Mark 9:33-50 The Key to Being a Servant
Mark 10:1-31 Seeing Through God’s Eyes
Mark 10:32-52 How to Discern Our Selfish Request
Mark 11:1-11; 27-33 Monday Mornin’ Manna
Mark 11:12-25 Clearing the Temple, Cursing the Tree
Mark 12:1-12 The obvious and the not-so-obvious
Mark 12:13-34 A series of questions
Mark 12:35-44 True Thanksgiving
Mark 13:1-27 What is to Come (part II)
Mark 13:28-37 Thy Word is the Lamp onto My Feet
Mark 14:1-26 God’s Time
Mark 14:27-52 Watch and Pray
Mark 14:53-72 Standing Firm in the Face of Death
Mark 15:1-41 Constant accessibility with God
Mark 15:42–16:19 The stone that was rolled away
Luke Reflection Title
Luke 1:1-25 a look at faith
Luke 1:26-66 Faith Continued
Luke 1:67-2:7 Expectant Hope
Luke 2:8-40 Fulfilled Promises: A Christmas Surprise!
Luke 2:41-52 A Child’s Example
Luke 3:1-22 A Baptism of Repentance
Luke 3:21-4:13 The Three Temptations
Luke 4:14-30 Learning How to Have Faith
Luke 5:1-16 Simple Obedience – Passage to Life Changing Experience
Luke 5:17-32 Building a Fortress of Faith
Luke 6:1-11 The Letter vs. the Spirit of the Law with Regards to the Sabbath
Luke 6:12-26 Beattitudes and Prayer
Luke 6:27-42 Love: Both a Choice & Supernaturally of God
Luke 6:43-49 Bearing Good Fruit
Luke 7:1-17 The Love of Christ
Luke 7:18-35 A Tender Heart for the New Year
Luke 7:36-50 Forgiven
Luke 8:1-15 Good Soil Bears Fruit
Luke 8:16-25 Where is Your Faith?
Luke 8:26-39 Don’t Miss Out!
Luke 9:1-17 Trust in God’s Providence
Luke 9:18-36 Present Progressive Surrendering
Luke 9:37-56 They are Us
Luke 9:57-62, 10:1-24 Going Ahead of Jesus
Luke 10:25-42 Only One Thing is Needed
Luke 11:1-13 What Should We Pray For?
Luke 11:14-32 Don’t Miss the Obvious
Luke 11:33-54 The Errors of the Pharisees
Luke 12:1-12 What Jesus Taught to His Inner Circle Disciples
Luke 12:35-48 Watchful Doing
Luke 12:49-13:9 The Patient Gardener
Luke 13:10-30 The Narrow Door
Luke 12:49-13:9 The Patient Gardener
Luke 13:31-14:14 A Cycle of Unrequited Love
Luke 14:15-35 No Excuse: Take the Invite!
Luke 15:1-32 Rejoice for Others
Luke 16:1-15 Be Shrewd as Snakes and Innocent as Doves
Luke 16:16-31 Jesus’ Teaching on Divorce
Luke 17:1-19 The Complete Cycle of Faith
Luke 17:20-37 The Kingdom of God is Within You
Luke 18:1-14 Perseverance and Humility in Prayer
Luke 18:15-30 Hold Tightly to God
Luke 18:31-42 Trust in God’s Perfect Plan
Luke 19:11-27 Preparing the Kingdom
Luke 19:28-48 Take off the Assumption Glasses
Luke 20:1-19 The Boldness of Jesus
Luke 20:20-47 Jesus’ Debates with the Jewish Sects
Luke 21:1-19 What is to Come (Part III)
Luke 22:1-23 A New Covenant Established
Luke 21:20-38 Turn Back, Then Move Forward
Luke 22:46-62 Jesus’ Oxymoron: Buy a Sword, But Don’t Use it
Luke 22:63-23:12 Jesus, The Messiah and Son of God
Luke 23:13-34 Stubbornness Only Leads to Disaster
Luke 23:35-56 True Friend
Luke 24:1-12 Devotion to Our Savior
Luke 24:13-35 When We are at Wit’s End
Luke 24:36-53 Peace be with You
John Reflection Title
John 1:1-18 Who is The Word?
John 1:19-34 John the Baptist’s Example of Humility
John 1:35-51 Come and See!
John 2:1-11 Jesus Reveals Himself
John 2:12-25 Cleansing the Temple
John 3:1-21 Born Again with Christ’s Nature
John 3:22-36 The World’s Best Second Fiddler
John 4:1-26 Building Bridges
John 4:27-42 The Power of One Changed Life
John 4:43-5:15 Jesus Heals, But Are You a Grateful Recipient?
John 5:16-30 Seeing what the Father is doing
John 5:31-47, John 6:1-15 Words that Struck Me
John 6:16-59 A God Who Draws Us & Keeps Us
John 6:61-7:13 Be Bold!
John 7:10-36 A True Teacher
John 7:37-53 Pretentious Villains
John 8:1-30 Under Christ there is No Condemnation
John 8:31-59 Whose children are you?
John 9 Was Blind But Now I see
John 10:1-21 The sheep and the Shepherd
John 10:22-36 The plain truth
John 11:45-57 The Numbered Life That United Us
John 12:1-19 He is Our Peace
John 12:20-50 Jesus Must be Joking – How Can We Hate Ourselves?
John 13:1-17 Voluntary Servants -Stupid or Fulfilling?
John 7:37-53 The Trademark of Being A Christian
John 14:1-13 Trust in THE Way, Truth, and Life
John 15:1-17 “All You Need is Love”
John 15:18-16:4 Knowing or Hating Jesus
John 14:15-28, 16:5-16 Counsel to Obey in Love
John 16:17-33 Praying “In the Name of Jesus”
John 17:1-5 Now this is eternal life