Our Mission Statement: UPC is dedicated to supporting the spiritual growth of all our children to ensure that they are raised in Christ with strong roots in the Bible and our spiritual community.
Our hope is that through discipleship, family involvement, and nurturing that our children grow up as strong witnesses in our community, whose influence will spread beyond just our church and touch the lives of many. We know that God uses each of us for His purpose, and we serve His purpose by building upon their God-given gifts and providing a solid foundation.

An excellent curriculum is available for Sunday School students. With energetic teachers, children explore the Bible through hands-on activities and Bible study. Children of all ages are welcome to participate.
Sunday School
Time: Sundays at 11:30am
Location: Kinsey Pavilion 1240 (adjacent to worship service)
Esther Chung, Sunday School Coordinator: mskim907@gmail.com