Lead Pastor: Rev. Dr. Soon Chung

Pastor Soon has been the senior pastor at UPC since its inception. He completed his undergraduate studies in Political Science at UCLA, then went on to study at Princeton Theological Seminary, and received his doctorate from Gordon-Conwell Seminary. In his spare time, Pastor Soon enjoys playing with his four children, spending time with his wife, and playing an occasional game of basketball.

Kids Church: Kris Laymon

Kris has been working in student ministry for over 14 years. She studied design at The Dallas Fashion Institue and theology at Christ for the Nations Institute. Kris is a fourth generation baker, a conference speaker, and an author.

Administrator: Yumi Lee

Yumi grew up in Hacienda Heights, CA and graduated from UCLA in 2009. After graduation, Yumi worked as an intern and administrator at UPC, married Woonghee in 2012, and became a mom to a beautiful boy named Timothy in 2014. Yumi loves to sing and listen to worship music, spend time with her family, and drink boba milk tea!

Assoc Pastor: Rev. Yvonne Chang

Associate Pastor Yvonne Chang got her B.A. in Religious Studies at the University of Virginia (Go Cavaliers!) and then went on to get her M.Div. at Princeton Seminary. At UPC she leads the undergrad ministries. She enjoys having a good conversation over a good cup of coffee. Watch out… when she lets her guard down, her corny sense of humor tends to emerge.

Worship & Media: Michael Laymon

Michael has been leading worship and performing music for over 15 years, and is an ordained pastor. He studied theology at Christ for the Nations Institute and marketing at Dallas Baptist University, and currently studies film & cinematography at Full Sail University. In addition to traditional ministry, Michael launched a nonprofit to promote sustainable resources for children in developing countries. When not working or playing music, he spends time with his wife and 4-year-old.

Christian Education: Esther Chung

Esther amazes us all in the number of things she can juggle – not only does she coordinate all the activities and Bible study lessons for the Children’s Ministry, but she is also a mother of four children! Esther graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary with a M.A. in Christian Education. Esther also helps to organize events for the Convalescent Ministry.

Administrator: Hami Zhang

Hami grew up in South Korea and Beijing, China and recently graduated from UCLA with a B.A in psychology. major. Hami worked as an intern at UPC last year and is now working as a part-time administrator while doing research and applying for clinical and cognitive psychology Ph.D. programs. Hami loves music, dancing, and spicy food!