UP sends out teams to countries all over the world, bringing the Gospel to all nations one neighborhood at at time.
Our Mission Statement: One of our goals is to send people out to the ends of the world. Integral to our church is the steady stream of sojourners that have passed through our doors. They have arrived road-weary or rested, conquerors or cast-offs, focused or frenzied and in every state the Father has been faithful and called many of them to sow the Gospel throughout the United States and all over the world.
We don't have a new mission trip planned at the moment, but contact to see if something is in the works!
Summer 2013 & 2014: Copan Ruinas, Honduras
Winter 2011: Joplin, Missouri
Spring 2011: Camden, New Jersey
Summer 2009: Vietnam and Cambodia
Summer 2006: Thailand (Province of Ranong), Mongolia, Gulf Coast, Urban Los Angeles
Winter 2005: Gulf Coast
Summer 2005: Japan, Oregon
Summer 2004: China, Oregon, Indonesia
Others: Korea, India, Mexico


Thailand: Kerry & Nhuvan
Southeast Asia: Andy & Elissa

A letter from Kerry & Nhuvan
We praise God for your interest in mission and in what God is doing around the world and in Thailand. In Thailand about 1% of the people are Christians; most are Buddhist, except for in the South where there are many Muslims. In the North there are more Christians than in the rest of Thailand, probably because there are more missionaries here.

We appreciate your prayers for us and need them very much. Initially, we will introduce you to our co-workers and office in Chiang Mai. We would also like to introduce you to some of the other Christian work going on in Chiang Mai. We would also like to take you to an orphanage for children with AIDS. Towards the end of the trip, we would like you to see the work of Child Evangelism Fellowship.

We would like to introduce you to some of the Lao Song people. We will visit and share the Gospel with non-Christians, either through recordings we did previously or through testimony. We will stay with one Christian Lao Song family at their daughter's home. Usually, we meet to sing, pray and share from the Word or a testimony.

We also might take you to visit a friend's countryside Thai church near Chiang Mai and you could help us teach the youth there English as part of building relationships between the youth and the church. Currently, there are virtually no youth involved in the local church. Our Thai friend and his Korean wife have just begun ministry there recently.

We would appreciate your prayers for the Lord to open doors and guide us to the right people.

God bless you,
Kerry & Nhuvan